Calculating who your guardian angel is based on your date of birth

Heavenly spirit, messenger, an angel watches over you. Discover his name and call him whenever you need help. He will answer you. What is a guardian angel? The adage says that nine families of guardian angels live in heaven, according…

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What is Achilleomania?

In the field of the divinatory arts, we don’t talk so often about Achilleomania. It is a Chinese technique which consists in manipulating chopsticks. The consultant uses about fifty chopsticks of the same length to answer a question. For the…

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Can divination predict the future?

The divinatory arts have thousands of followers all over the world. Fortune-telling is one of these techniques, and although there is no rational evidence, many people believe it to be an iron fist when it comes to predicting the future….

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What is an omen in divination?

An augur can refer to a divinatory practice. It is one of the divinatory tools. But it also designates a diviner who practises ornithomancy. The latter consists of observing and interpreting the different behaviours of birds in order to deduce…

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