In the field of the divinatory arts, we don't talk so often about Achilleomania. It is a Chinese technique which consists in manipulating chopsticks. The consultant uses about fifty chopsticks of the same length to answer a question. For the interpretation, he uses the cosmology of Yin and Yang.

The first prints in achilleomancy

You probably tell yourself that it is not so complex to handle chopsticks for these divinatory arts. However, in order to get answers, this manipulation follows very precise rules. You don't remove the rods as you want them. After several prints, one should normally have only 36, 32, 28 or 24 rods. The number of remaining stems is the quadruple, that is to say 9, 8, 7 or 6. If you have an odd number, you have a yang monogram and if it is even, it will be for the yin monogram.

To get answers

One carries out this drawing six times to have a hexagram. The consultant will thus have a representation of the cosmic determinations. In other words, he will analyze the events of a given situation to perceive the future or the future of the person who consults through the cosmic universe. If one has a positive hexagram, one can proceed to the act or the realization of the project for which one came for this consultation. Otherwise, the consultant will not be able to give you any action to take, but it will be you who will decide. In any case, you have already been warned that the cosmic universe predicts negative effects for your project. Indeed, achilleomancy does not give solutions, but gives you a "positive" or "negative" answer. In order not to make a mistake then, you will have to be precise in your questions.

The particularities of Achilleomania

It is not easy to recognize the answers given by the hexagram. It is for this reason that there are few professionals who practise it. It is necessary to understand well the respective positions of the monograms and to base oneself on the information which gives the one who consults and those which the cosmic universe lets see. The specialist should not skimp on the tendency of the hexagrams to operate the changes one in the others. Achilleomancy is of Chinese origin, but its effectiveness made it possible this divinatory art to go out of its borders. Today, it is even practised in Europe and in several countries around the world.