There is a relationship between the 12 signs of the zodiac and the 72 guardian angels. If the sign has an influence on your way of being, on your personality or on your destiny, the guardian angel accompanies you fully to guide you towards the right daily energies. Each person has his or her own guardian angel from birth to death. Since time immemorial, people have always turned to higher intelligences to advance and understand their destiny. To become aware of one's guardian angel and what he brings is to know oneself. Listening to him means making the right choices and succeeding in one's life journey.

How can you get to know your guardian angel?

There are 72 guardian angels depending on the month and day of birth. Every five days corresponds to a new guardian angel. The angelic calendar begins with the guardian angel Vehuiah on March 21 and ends with the benefactor Mumiah on March 20. makes it easy for you to calculate and search, with a free display of your guardian angel in just one click.

Calculate your guardian angel easily

Unlike astrology or star charts, the time of birth does not affect the selection of the guardian angel. Only the date of birth is important in determining your guardian angel. Discover our reliable and fast calculation method to find your own guardian angel. Save time by discovering the benefits and distortions of your benefactor. Learn what you can ask for to improve your life. Be aware that to communicate with the guardian angels, there are specific days and times that we indicate to you. The guardian angels, like all beings of light, can establish a subtle connection through a mirror hour, in order to deliver a message to you. To know the name of your guardian angel and all its characteristics, you simply need to enter your date of birth in the module below.

What does my guardian angel determine?

You will find a detailed description of your guardian angel among the 72 existing angels. Find out your angel's rank in the angelic hierarchy, the sephirah in which he evolves and his rector archangel. Each time, you will distinguish his energies with the associated planets, the element he represents or the character of his natives. The benefits brought by each guardian angel are presented to easily recognize the facets of your personality. By being aware of these benefits, you will be able to take advantage of them to move forward. Positive energies help you to take into account what surrounds you. Spiritual beings are benevolent guides to help you overcome every obstacle. Distortions are the more negative aspects of our personality. By associating negative states, such as fear, anger or frustration, with what channels them, you learn more about yourself. You will better understand some of the inner torments and negative energies that can hinder you in your daily life. By determining your guardian angel precisely, you will know which benefactor to pray to in case of difficulties.