If you ask a fortune teller about his oracles and tarot decks, he may mention the Triad oracle. Its interpretation is not so simple, as you will need to have a perfect command of the blades. In this dossier, we will zoom in on this card game.

A complex game

The oracle of the Triad is composed of 57 blades, which explains its complexity. In spite of this, many fortune-tellers started to play it and very quickly it became the number one game in the field of fortune-telling and tarology oracles. As far as precision is concerned, this game does not lack precision: it gives a dating of the events. To do so, Dominike Duplaa, its creator, associated a blade to a precise season. When you have the blades then, you can have a maximum of information, but you will have to understand them well.

The origins of the Triad oracle

It is thanks to Dominike Duplaa that we got this oracle. It was his thirst for knowledge that led him from a very young age to dive into books and to take an interest in metaphysical phenomena. Combined with his powers of clairvoyance, he creates a card game that offers a more accurate interpretation of the future. This is where the Triad oracle was born and Dominike Duplaa took several years. For this conception, he studied several fields including Christianity, astrology, antiquity, alchemy, freemasonry, numerology, Kabbalah, Judaism, magic treatises and psychology.

Possible prints in the Triad oracle

When you have a specific question, it is preferable to make a cross print with four cards positioned at the four cardinal points. A fifth card is placed in the centre and this one corresponds to the answer. The Triad oracle can also draw a triangle with four cards as well and the last one is the answer. For this game, the creator particularly recommends the drawing of the triad. For this, 12 cards must be drawn, the first three of which refer to the consultant, the next three to the context, the three according to the advice and the last three to the solution. Whatever the type of draw chosen, the fortune teller must follow his intuition and redouble his concentration. It was in 1992 that the implementation of the Triad oracle was completed. Its designer presented it as "a mirror in which the soul is reflected, in search of spirituality and personal development". He continues the explanation with the name. "Triad" refers to the number three, which is a mystical number.