In the past, Tarot was a simple card game. Throughout Western Europe, this game is beginning to become more and more popular. Tarot cards became associated with fortune-telling towards the end of the 18th century, of which the Tarot de Marseille is the oldest. Different types of Tarot cards have appeared over time, of which the Tarot des Magiciens is one. This type of tarot is well adapted to all, beginners in the art of reading and interpreting cards, initiates or professional tarologists. The following few lines may be useful to you to learn more about the Tarot des Magiciens.

Presentation of the Tarot des Magiciens

The 7 x 12 cm format Tarot des Magiciens was created in 2012 by Corrine Kenner. Based on magic, these divination tarot decks bring together different interpretations of the divinatory arts. This type of tarot has a very original divinatory aspect with its 78 well thought-out cards designed by the artist John J. Blumen. The 22 major arcana present symbols described with great precision while the four schools of elementary magic (water, fire, air and earth) appear through the colours of the four series of minor arcana.

The peculiarities of the Tarot of Magicians

The cards of the Tarot des Magiciens are based on the classic Rider-Waite. They are used to predict the future and to discover oneself beyond appearances. They allow the observation of reality, four distinct parts of which give you important answers to the mysteries of your life. The north wind tells you what to do first, the east wind tells you what you need, the south wind tells you the result of the previous situation and the west wind tells you the consequences of long-term action.

Good tips for obtaining the Tarot des Magiciens

In order to progress in the art of Tarot card reading and to enrich your knowledge in clairvoyance and magic, you are looking for the famous Tarot of the Magicians. To find some, you can visit esoteric bookstores. Without having to go anywhere, you can search the web by entering the Tarot des Magiciens. Different possibilities will be displayed allowing you to purchase online. In order to find the best deals, it is advisable to compare offers and prices.