According to the Tradition of Kabbalah, each of us benefits from the protection of three tutelary geniuses, three guardian angels, among the 72 angelic entities. Each of them has a particular sphere of influence:
  • The first is the physical angel or guardian angel.
  • The second is the emotional angel or Angel of the heart.
  • The third one is the spiritual angel or Angel of the spirit.
They can be described as follows:

The guardian angel

He is represented by the first angel of this trilogy, the physical angel; he is the angel of our material world. He teaches us about our relationship with the world around us, about our behaviour in the face of concrete realities and life experiences, and how best to deal with them. The energy of the Physical Angel accompanies us in the daily realities and helps us to better assert ourselves in the matter, to better understand the trials and lessons of our Life. He is at the origin of the guardian angel of popular tradition, the one who is the guarantor of our physical integrity, the protector of the life that animates us from the moment we are born until we leave. Check for more about guardian angels' names.

The angel of the heart

The emotional angel is the angel of the heart and soul. He teaches us how to feel and express our inner being. The energy of the Emotional Angel accompanies us in all the emotional aspects of our life, guiding us through our inner experiences: our emotions, feelings, desire ... It helps us to better understand the heart of our Life Programme.

The angel of the spirit

The Angel of the spirit is the angel of our higher dimension, of our divine part. He is the inspirer of our soul and gives it light, inner illumination. He supports us in the understanding of our spiritual path and his energy accompanies us in the service to others. He shows us the purpose of our Life Programme.

How can we get to know the three angels?

Your three angels are defined according to the position of the sun in the zodiac at the moment of your birth, but also according to the solar hour of your birth.

The nine rectors of the order of the Angelic Choirs of the Kabbalah

In the angelic classification of the Kabbalah, each of the nine groups of angels called "Choirs" is placed under the direction of a Regent Angel, whose names and links to their respective pages are listed below. They are often also wrongly named "Archangels", which in the context of the Kabbalah is confused with one of the Choirs bearing this name. This term is not used in the Kabbalistic tradition, which prefers the qualifiers Rectors or Regents. 1 - METATRON 2 - RAZIEL 3 - ZAPHKIEL 4 - ZADKIEL 5 - CAMAËL 6 - MICHAEL 7 - HANIEL 8 - RAPHAËL 9 – GABRIEL