Some people who are concerned about their futures are attracted to the art of clairvoyance, which predicts their future lives using guessing cards. The divinatory tarot, which guesses their present, their future and their past, plays an essential role in this field. This game is important for some people who want to make very important decisions in their social lives.

Definition of the divinatory tarot

A divinatory tarot is a kind of guessing art that consists of using cards by drawing from an individual. This practice is requested by individuals with a fortune-telling expert who makes an act of interpretation according to the images found on each card. Each design and colour on the cards changes with each game and print run.

The different kinds of tarot cards

There are several numbers of divinatory tarot cards. Here are a few examples: - The Tarot de Marseille, which is the most common, is distinguished in three steps for its practice. The shuffling, the drawing, and finally the interpretation of the cards. - The Egyptian tarot which is the mixture of riddles in visualization, numerology, and astrology.   - The Aztec tarot that develops the divinatory tarot by drawing three cards, the first of which is to know the best time to make an action, the second to take information on how not to diminish the chance of success, and the third to know the symbol of long life. - The Colour Tarot, which interprets the colours found on the arcana - The tarot of jewels that interpret the meaning of the energy of metals, as well as the precious stones worn by individuals. - The tarot of animals which indicates the symbols of animals. Etc.

Functioning of the divinatory tarot

The aim of tarology is to play cards which are called arcana or blades which are differentiated in 2: the major arcana, and the minor arcana. The number of these cards is 22 for the major arcana and 56 for the minor arcana. The divinatory tarot allows the tarot reader to make a prediction about the future of an individual without providing information about that individual and without moving. It gives important indications in the face of problems as well as ambiguities that occur in the life of a consultant. The consultant draws a map and through the intermediary of the cartomancy, the cartomancy decodes a message according to the images and colours displayed on the map. The divinatory tarot allows individuals to know how to make the right decisions in their daily lives. It gives them hope and a glimpse of the serenity of life in the future. You just need to consult a reliable and honest tarot reader.