Heavenly spirit, messenger, an angel watches over you. Discover his name and call him whenever you need help. He will answer you.

What is a guardian angel?

The adage says that nine families of guardian angels live in heaven, according to a precise hierarchy. Each family is then made up of eight icons, making a total of 72 angels. As your ascendant can do, the angels underline a trait of your personality. Boosting your generosity, dispelling your anxieties or fostering family attachment: they provide protection for the people they care for.

Invoking your guardian angel: how do you hear it?

Elemiah, Aniel, Daniel... To find your guardian angel, locate your day and month of birth below. The time indicated is the most influential time to benefit from her support. But you can call her when you feel the need. Just say her name three times out loud. Formulate your wish by visualizing the colour assigned to each family. Once your wish is granted, remember to thank him or her. You can visit angelsnames.xyz/ if you want to know who your guardian angel is.

The angel Haziel: symbol of forgiveness and reconciliation

You are Taurus and you want to know the name of the guardian angel that protects you and that you can invoke? Here is the ninth, Haziel, the angel of forgiveness and mercy. He protects those born from May 1st to May 5th. Discover its characteristics. Haziel whose name means "God of Mercy" is the angel of good faith and reconciliation. He helps to maintain peace, especially within the family. An angel of compassion and listening, he is also the one who tells us that life has no meaning and is worth nothing without the presence of others. This is why he favours truces during conflicts. Find out more about him now and learn how to communicate with this angel.

Haziel the Bull's guardian angel (May 1 - 5)

This male angel symbolizes forgiveness and unconditional love. Those born under this influence are sincere, keep their promises and forgive easily if they are hurt. Thanks to him you can hope to gain the friendship and affection of important people and the assurance that promises made to you will be kept.

Why invoke the angel Haziel?

Entering into communication with Haziel allows you to obtain forgiveness, reconciliation, tolerance, friendship and love. This guardian angel promotes harmony and encourages tolerance. He is useful to all humanity by being the messenger of forgiveness, reconciliation and peace. You can also invoke Haziel if you need his assistance to keep a promise you have made or if you want a promise made to you to be kept. Haziel's guardian angel grants:
  • Forgiveness
  • the gift of tolerance
  • the ability to deliver on commitments
  • the possibility of keeping one's child's soul
  • protection against hatred
  • support in case of emotional difficulties
  • the strength to be less possessive and jealous

How to contact your Haziel guardian angel?

Her days and hours of regency are March 29th, June 11th, August 26th, November 6th and January 17th from 02h40 to 03h00. Recite this prayer with Electra incense to invoke Haziel. Now that you know more about your guardian angel, find out if he is trying to send you a message through a mirror hour, or find out about the other guardian angels who rule Taurus or another astrological sign.