Angels are among us and we can feel their presence. Everyone who believes in angels knows this desire and this will to be able to meet his guardian angel, the angel who watches over us and protects us, wishes us well. Legends and beliefs say that we all have a Guardian Angel who watches over us. Some people bear witness to the discovery, the meeting with their Guardian Angel. This may be a purely spiritual entity, but some people also testify to the visit as an angel of a loved one, especially a deceased person.

What is a Guardian Angel?

A guardian angel is a spiritual entity that guides a man's actions, advising and guiding him. They are not directly visible because they live in a different vibratory entity from that of human beings and are therefore not present in the physical sense of the term. Their action towards humans is beneficial. These angels would thus have the faculty to protect men in their destiny and also to make them accomplish beneficial actions. Isn't it said of someone who behaves admirably: “you are an angel?” The presence of angels seems to be obvious to many people and their appearance, the appearance of an angel in everyday life often happens with the same signs. People often say that they do not see the angel directly, but rather signs, clues to the presence of their guardian angel. Would you like to go further into the world of Angels? Visit AngelsNames and learn more about angel names and discover who your guardian angel is.

Signs of your guardian angel's presence


Feathers have always been a sign of the presence of angels for a long time. If you often find feathers on your way, in the street, when you are waiting somewhere, if you notice the presence of white feathers, it could be a sign of the presence of your guardian angel. The angels are watching over you and are not far away if you see many feathers during your day. The white feather is therefore one of the safest and most popular ways to indicate the presence of an angel at your side. The guardian angel shows his presence and lets you know that you are not alone.

You hear voices talking to you

Sometimes you may hear murmurs trying to express something to you. It can be madness but also the understanding of the presence of angels as many people testify. it can be your inner voice that seems to speak to you and bring you answers, you feel a strong inner dialogue building within you for example. Among the signs too, angels, things that will challenge you, answers that seem to happen to you for no apparent reason. Also, among the auditory signs, we can point out the presence of music that seems to be heard without really being perceived. The sounds of flute and harp are among the most frequent sounds encountered in the presence of angels, music that is sibylline and harmonious, soft, flowing...

The light seems to speak to you

You perceive rays of sunshine, flashes of light and light with rainbow gradations all around you. This precise indication shows you that you seem to capture what is called the supra and infra order and thus you perceive the presence of angels. Among the types of light evoked by the presence of angels are blue light, sparks, balls of blue light, light, sparks and balls of white light with your eyes open, the same for red light, flashes of light like a kaleidoscope . Coloured orbs are thus for many people a sign of the presence of angels. Other signs related to light include street lamps, flashing light bulbs, voltages and short circuits... Indeed, electricity seems to be an element that disrupts communication between people and subtle entities. It is thus admitted that when there is a breakdown of equipment or light, the presence of angels is also involved.

The presence of Angels is expressed through animals.

Among the many signs is the presence of birds or even their flight, the presence or reaction of a dog, cat, dog or butterfly. Speaking of cats, cats seem to have a very sensitive ear for noises and vibrations that humans do not perceive. In the presence of a guardian angel, cats would meow in particular. Dogs, on the other hand, have a tendency to bark for no apparent reason and in a fixed place where there seems to be nothing special.

You dream and your dreams are extraordinary

In your dreams, a divine, fantastic presence seems to guide you. The dreams you have seem to strengthen you, to guide you, to bring you more strength and lucidity. It is an excellent sign that your guardian angel seems to communicate with you. You can also wake up with a strong vision anchored in you, like a revelation, a light at the beginning of your day. You can also see the presence of an angel in your dream or a very benevolent figure in one of your dreams, the image of a person who has died in one of your dreams. The angels will be able to use the dreams to come and talk to you and help you.

You have the impression that someone is following you

For some unknown reason, when you walk around you feel like you are not alone and that you have someone at your side. This feeling of being accompanied may well be that of your guardian angel. You may also feel shivers or caresses on your face, back, neck, arms, tickles... The feeling that someone is stroking your hair, touching your head... Angels do not necessarily like to reveal their presence in such a strong way, but they also sometimes appear under this sign.

Almost extraordinary events happen to you

If, for example, you are looking for the answer to something and the answer comes immediately, if your mind seems to float and go towards what may be best for you. Often events seem to be pure chance, in the cascade of events you will experience and if they are beneficial, it is likely that they indicate the presence and action of your guardian angel.

You feel unexpected differences in temperature

At home, you don't understand why a room suddenly feels warmer or colder. The angels present often vary the temperatures because of their energetic presence. The presence of cold or warmth, such as a blast for example, often indicates the presence of angels.

You smell unexplained scents

The last element of the presence of the guardian angels in those who have already met them, perfumes and scents. By their presence, the angels awaken the sense of smell and the different scents surrounding them. Among the smells often evoked in the presence of angels, let us quote in particular the smells of roses and flowers such as myrrh for example. The scent seems to come from somewhere else, without really knowing where it comes from, it does not come from the immediate environment.

Your baby feels things you can't perceive

If your baby seems to have a strange attitude like wanting to talk or interact with a presence that isn't there, it is possible that your baby is talking and seeing an angel.

Numbers and Angels

If in your daily life many numbers seem to repeat themselves, numbers that double... and this repeatedly, it can also be a strong sign of the presence of angels. We will come back soon in a new article on the links between numbers and angels.

Conclusion on the Presence of Angels

People who believe in angels often ask their guardian angels to give them a sign of their presence. Sometimes these signs do not appear. This may be a request that your angel will not grant because your angel may not feel the necessary openness in your mind to receive a sign of his presence. This indicates that you need to be patient and that the signs will come at the right time. It does not mean that you have to give up or that the angels are not among you, but just that they do not show up in the present state of affairs. Therefore, it will be important at first to ask your angel to help you to become more open inwardly so that you can welcome his presence and the signs of his presence. Here are the many signs that indicate the presence of the guardian angels. Tradition has it that communication with one's angel through the form of prayer and a message of love and charity allows a better understanding of these phenomena, a better relationship and thus a great complicity with one's guardian angel.