Learn how to read tarot like a professional

If you are planning to start learning how to read tarot cards, it will require you to have familiarity with the symbols of the tarot. There is no defined way to be familiar with the symbols. Even after learning them,…

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Discovering your Guardian Angel

According to the Tradition of Kabbalah, each of us benefits from the protection of three tutelary geniuses, three guardian angels, among the 72 angelic entities. Each of them has a particular sphere of influence: The first is the physical angel…

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Easily find your guardian angel

There is a relationship between the 12 signs of the zodiac and the 72 guardian angels. If the sign has an influence on your way of being, on your personality or on your destiny, the guardian angel accompanies you fully…

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The four angels of the tarot

The work of the Golden Dawn has brought another modification to the numbering: the tarot cards of this tradition change the Lover’s Cupid into an angel or archangel, to introduce a superior coherence in the whole game (there can be…

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The oracle of the Triad, an intuitive and very powerful game

If you ask a fortune teller about his oracles and tarot decks, he may mention the Triad oracle. Its interpretation is not so simple, as you will need to have a perfect command of the blades. In this dossier, we…

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What is the Tarot des Magiciens: presentation and particularities

In the past, Tarot was a simple card game. Throughout Western Europe, this game is beginning to become more and more popular. Tarot cards became associated with fortune-telling towards the end of the 18th century, of which the Tarot de…

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How does a divinatory tarot work?

Some people who are concerned about their futures are attracted to the art of clairvoyance, which predicts their future lives using guessing cards. The divinatory tarot, which guesses their present, their future and their past, plays an essential role in…

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