Exorcisms are usually elaborate ceremonies designed to eliminate demons and negative energies. It is a traditional and ancient practice that is part of the belief system of many cultures and religions. This guide will help you understand how mediums perform a meaningful ritual that will conjure objects, places and people in a positive way.

Voyance exorcism: getting rid of demons that haunt homes

The following stages of clairvoyant exorcism were used by seers to get rid of evil spirits. Before you start, make sure you are in a state to do so, the ritual is less likely to succeed in fear, as demons feed on negative energy. You should be free of stress, free of anger, alert and without devastating emotions. Although traditionally the power behind exorcisms comes from a higher authority, i.e. God, paranormal investigators, mediums and spiritualists know that domination comes from within. The next step is to walk around the house and call the demon. Be firm and confident and command him to leave and never come back. Avoid using a tone of anger, aggression or confrontation. Tell the demon that you don't consider him to be a demon, but explain to him that the physical world is no longer his place and that he should return to his kingdom.

Exorcism clairvoyance: getting rid of a person's demons

Exorcising a person is much more serious than ridding a house of demons. If the clairvoyant does not practice the ritual with compassion, respect and sensitivity, he risks making things worse. If the victim really needs to be exorcised, the medium will make sure that the victim is not lying and is not confused. The clairvoyant definitely needs his or her explicit and direct consent to perform the ceremony. Finally, the clairvoyant will check whether the person is mentally stable enough to go through this process. The seer will consult the individual in a calm and honest conversation to clarify these two points. He will take care to dispel any doubts and not to put pressure on the victim.

Exorcism clairvoyance: getting rid of the demon from an object

As in the two previous examples, the indicator had to check whether the target was indeed harbouring a satanic presence. If this is indeed the case, then ending the demonic attachment is much easier than with a person and you have a few more options to choose from. Fire has always been used for object purification rituals. For the seer, it is the best way to proceed. After the flames go out, the lighter will let the ashes cool down and pour salt into the ashes to make sure that the bad energy has completely left the remains of the object.