Flash clairvoyance is a psychic ability to obtain intuitive information in the form of vision, images and symbols. This "inner vision" is usually in the eyes of the mind. In other words, you probably won't see a spirit sitting on your couch. You may have experienced flashes of clairvoyance without realizing what they really meant. Now that you know this, you can begin to pay more attention to these signs and tap into the wisdom that your spiritual guides offer you.

How do clairvoyants receive a message from the future in the form of a flash?

If clairvoyance is one of your psychic abilities, you may have noticed : Flashes of lightning or sparkling light from the corner of your eye; Movements in your peripheral vision; Spontaneous images that "flash" before your eyes; Etheric colours, often called "auras", that surround an animal, object or person. In films, mediums observe the future as it will happen and often a terrifying message or representation is attached to it. Receiving messages through flash clairvoyance is not necessarily frightening and these clairvoyance signals are not visible in the real world . Soothsayers have a psychic vision capacity thanks to their third eye and the chakra between their eyebrows. This is where these forms of answers reach the spiritual guides.

Flashes of clairvoyance: where do they come from?

Clairvoyants experience all sorts of sensations when they receive these flashes. This mental perception can manifest itself as the appearance of a symbol or a specific moving image. Spirits, angels and loved ones in heaven are those who send information through intuition and psychic gifts. These spiritual beings are not trying to deceive or frighten you - they are simply trying to warn the mediums.

How to develop your flash psychic?

Anyone can develop flash clairvoyance. It may seem strange to know this, because you may have been called a utopian. But now you know that this incredible ability is a godsend. Here's a quick start guide to developing flash psychic ability: Practice visualising different things in your mind and dream with as much detail as possible. Imagine opening your third eye during meditation. Use ball-shaped crystals, such as lapis lazuli or clear quartz, to do this.