When talking about clairvoyance, it is important to distinguish between pure clairvoyance and clairvoyance without support. In pure clairvoyance, the medium does not use any tools or support and bases its predictions on visions, flashes or feelings in order to decipher messages from the beyond or its subconscious.

Look into the future with pure clairvoyance

Would you like to discover what the future holds for you with a pure clairvoyance session? Know that a pure clairvoyant medium will not use any medium or tool of any kind such as tarot cards, a crystal ball, a clock, etc. to make predictions. True clairvoyance without tools and without prior information allows you to benefit from a serious and competent help to read in the future, to find explanations to strange thoughts or dreams... Pure clairvoyance can take many forms because the capacities and operational modes of mediums vary. These professionals are able to link information from the past with information from the present and the future by bringing meanings and clues to the person who consults them.

Consulting a medium

How many times have you made the wrong choice, made the wrong decision? Maybe even decisions that you will regret for the rest of your life... So you said to yourself, this will never happen to you again and you decided to resort to true clairvoyance, pure clairvoyance, without tools and without prior information. This solution consists in taking advantage of the capacity that certain people, the mediums, have to perceive future events even very distant in time and which exceed the sensory perception of a "normal" individual. To a certain extent, this capacity is present in each of us, but it is most often too weak or even non-existent in some people. This is the reason why this capacity sometimes surfaces with experiences or impressions of déjà vu.

The ability to link past and future

If you want to experience pure clairvoyance, you can search for a practising medium in this field. Indeed, a professional of pure clairvoyance is endowed with an innate gift to read the past and decipher the future thanks to specific techniques that only he alone masters. The offers of pure clairvoyance are not lacking but take the time to look for a serious medium; its revelations will not fail to surprise you.