Automatic writing is a technique used by some mediums to communicate with the afterlife. It is the spirits of the dead who take control of the medium's hand to write and communicate with the world of the living.

Entering into contact with the afterlife

Among the techniques of communication with the afterlife is that of automatic clairvoyance writing, a mysterious and fascinating method. Anyone can try to practice it, but more often than not, clairvoyants and mediums use it during their sessions. Most of us find it hard to imagine this, but for a clairvoyant professional it is a common practice. The idea that the deceased are somehow "distant", that they live in a parallel world, is not new. Professionals in the field of clairvoyance, i.e. mediums and seers, have the ability to make contact with the dead and "lend", strictly speaking, their hands to master the writing and transmit spiritual messages to their relatives in consultation.

A mysterious writing process

You may be wondering about other uses of this writing method when it is not related to automatic writing. Whatever its use, the process and product of this writing pattern always has a mysterious side. Some writers have used this process in a kind of trance-like state while writing while remaining aware of their direct environment. In this case, the writer is not fully conscious of the gestures of his hand, he writes when there is an absence of will, the conscious mind closes and the unconscious takes over.

Other uses of automatic writing

Some mediums are masters in the practice of automatic writing clairvoyance. It is true that there is something impressive and mysterious about this practice. But it is important to know that this writing process is also used as a therapy within the framework of a meditative process in which an individual is going to write as if he were being dictated a text when he is not. He writes under the impulse of his unconscious and writes what he hears in his head. Automatic writing is often used as a therapy tool based on Freudian psychology or with the aim of improving self-knowledge. It then gives an idea of the subconscious mind of the person writing.